Dogs will do what they are told... if you teach them!

No dog is born with a "trained brain". Each behavior is learned (or un-learned). Small dogs, big dogs and every dog in between needs some sort of training.

Without the proper "trainer" training, the wrong person could do more damage to your dog.

Why take a chance with your dog? Reading this site means you want the best for your dog. Contact us today to see how we can help create a harmonious life for your and your dog.

We offer training programs ranging from "my dog won't listen to me" to "my show dog needs to refine her skills". Our advanced trainers have years of experience helping dog owners of all types of dogs.

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We train dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.


Dogs graduating from this program have the skills and the control to participate in vanity or performance-based competitions.

In the house

Dogs make great family pets but without the attention they need, you may have a training nightmare on your hands. We provided specialized training for pet dogs taking into consideration breed, size and home environment.

Professional training

Professionals trained and re-trained in advanced dog programs will make sure your dog gets the best possible training program - tailored to his or her needs.


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Your all-in-one dog training resource for fixing your dogs' behavior problems

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