German Shephard sitting on sideway

Our advanced training programs meet or exceed every standard presented by all national dog training certification groups. We know dogs and are able to speak to them in a manner they understand.

Our certified, professional trainers assess each dog we meet. This lets us test your dog’s current abilities and ascertain what the “best fit” training program is for each individual dog. Once we plan your dog’s program, we work with you to make sure training occurs during our sessions and we give you the skills to continue practicing with your dog in between sessions.

They key to a successful dog/owner relationship is mutual understanding.


Dog observing and responding to Hand signal Hand Signals

Paw Icon Verbal Commands

Siberian Husky heal when told Heel When Told

Paw Icon Come On Call

Labrador Retriever Dog on behavior Modification Behavior Modification

Paw Icon Bark Control

two black puppy on chew control Chew Control

Paw Icon "Escape Prevention"

Dog Showing controled aggression on food Food Aggression

Paw Icon Street Control


We've listed a few of the most common requested advanced dog training skills. Each dog is different and therefore will present its own unique challenges to its owners. We thoroughly evaluate every dog we train and make sure that the program we provide is one that fits the needs and/or skills of the dog and its owner.

Behavior Therapy Every dog, no matter how well-behaved, has an issue that may need to be corrected. Identifying the behavior and what is triggering the behavior allows us to successfully re-train the dog to overcome the negative behavior.

Skills Training Once your dog learns the basics of obedience, you can move on to the more advanced skills (listed to the left). Working together with your dog, you can forge a loving yet firm owner/pet relationship.

Grooming Advice Grooming plays a big part in your dogs health and well-being. A healthy dog is a happy dog. A happy dog wants to stay happy and is more likely to obey your commands.