• Sit
  • Lay Down
  • Lay Down and Stay Down
  • Sit for the Leash
  • Heal when on Leash
  • Leash Control
  • Behavior Modification
  • Drug detection/ prevention... A common request we receive. Train your family pet to recognize illegal drugs if and when they enter your home or place of business for protection of your family, your property and your reputation.


Dog taking bath calmly

A big challenge dog owners face is keeping their dog "under control"

We teach your dog how to maintain the proper behavior pattern for any situation. Leash work, bath time, cats running by... all these scenarios and more become easily controlled situations.

Sealyham Terrier with kids and vet at health center

Pet health goes beyond the medical issues prevented or discovered at the vet.

Our dog wellness program teaches families how to best care for their dog. As with people, physical wellness is only a part of the wellness equation. Learn how to positively re-inforce good things your dog does as well as the correct way to reprimand your dog for "bad" behaviors and encourage remorse for repeat action prevention.

German shepard dog being prepaired for vacation

Preparing your dog for vacation

Most families with pets have to make the decision about what to do with the pets while the are gone. Dogs present a unique challenge in that they need lots of attention. We will teach you how to best prepare your dog and While we cannot tell you what to do, we can provide you our opinion as to how to handle the vacation (with or without your dog).


Sad as it sounds, we were almost ready to get rid of our dog because she was constantly chewing the things in our house. We read everything on the internet, but nothing helped until these guys came in. They knew how to handle her, what to say to us and, most importantly, how to make the chewing stop! - Rudy Katz

I cannot say enough about the team at We Speak K9. I live by myself and got a dog for companionship and protection. She was a great companion but the protection part - terrible. I called these guys and after a full training regemine, I can confidently say my dog will protect me in any situation that arises. - Susanna Harel


The dog eats our shoes. Why?

The dog chases the cat. Are they playing?

The dog chews the furniture. Where are the toys?

The dog steals our food. Boundaries?

The dog barks at EVERYONE. Why?

The dog tries to bite people. Oh No. This needs fixing now!

Each dog is unique and each dog has its own quirks. Understanding the difference between a behavior problem and a personality quirk is what differentiates good dog trainers from bad dog trainers. This is why at We Speak K9, over 75% of our clients were referred to us by our past clients. We know dogs!