Terripoo Dog

Your dog can go with you anywhere, but does it know how to behave when it gets there?

Speacialized training programs for teacup dogs offered by We Speak K9 teach your dog the obedience skills he needs to behave in any situation. Our professional training programs are tailored to owners who want (or need) their dogs to practice good obedience skills.

When teacup dogs complete our professional training programs, they are well-versed in good behavior habits and have strong obedience and owner recognition skills.


Bone Icon House Training

Paw Icon Potty Training

Bone Icon Avoiding "Puppy Crazies"

Paw Icon Basic Obedience

Bone Icon Aggression

Paw Icon Separation Anxiety

Bone Icon Shyness

Paw Icon Barking

Bone Icon Carrier Training

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